Marketplace framework script, built in Codeigniter

Version - 4.2 (Multi Vendor)


The ThemePortal is a marketplace script, built in secure PHP framework Codeigniter , which will help you to set up your own marketplace with just few clicks.

Main Features are :-

Vendor Features are :-



After the purchase, you will get a zip file.

1) Upload that zip file to the root folder or inside any folder where you want your shop to run.

2) Extract that zip there, and make sure all the folders and file are just inside the folder where you have extracted.

3) Rename htaccess.txt to .htaccess
( Best way to do is, Create .htaccess file and copy the content of htaccess.txt to the newly created .htaccess file.)

4) Type the domain-name/folder-name on browser's url, like :



After setting up the folders correctly.

1) Enter your purchase code, to verify your purchase.

After successful verification you will land up on below screen where you will need these details.

1) Database Details like , DB Name , DB Username , DB Password.

2) Admin Email and a secure password.

3) Just fill in the details in specified fields, and click " Set Up Mysite "

4) After successful setup you will be redirected to login page, enter your details and that’s it.


Note : Please follow the instructions while adding data to the portal.

Just after the successful theme installation The ThemePortal theme provides you the admin backend : Where you can check the grapical representation.

There are 4 sub-menus , Categories , Sub Categories , Add product , Manage product


1) You can add the categories and manage them too.

2) You can activate or deactivate them.

Sub Categories

1) You can create the sub categories and manage them too.

Add product (Step 1)

1) Products can be added from this section.

2) There are fields which will automatically make your single product page SEO friendly.

3) Textual details are all entered here.

Add product (Step 2)

1) You can upload product files from here, it is the Upload area.

2) You can make gallery for make gallery watch this video.

Manage product

1) Can activate or deactivate the products, with auto update dropdown.

2) Make a product feature from here, with auto update dropdown.

3) Here you can view the analytics of each product separately.

There are 3 sub-menus , Categories , Add blog , Manage blog

Blog Categories

1) You can add the blog categories and manage them too.

2) You can activate or deactivate them.

Add Blog

1) Blog can be added from this section.

2) Blog can be update from this section.

Manage Blog

1) Can Publish or Unpublish the blog, with auto update dropdown.

2) You can view and magnage blog comment from this section

Can check the users of your portal here :

1) Can add new user and decide the role.

2) Can manage the login status from here.


Here there is 2 option one terms & condition other is vendor list.

1) Enter the terms and condition. Check the checkbox if need to display the terms & condition on the site.

2) All the vendors subscribed in the portal can be viewed here:


For the email section you will get the 3 options.











Can manage the testimonials here :

Customize content and text for the compliance pages.

You can easily customize your plans and add various vendor plans to them.

Now you can easily view the Transaction . Its payments , sales details and the status of transaction here.

1. Payment Transactions

2.Sales Statements

Social details and login is provided here :

Discount coupons can be associated with any product :

1. Payment settings

2. Text settings

3. Website settings

Website layout can be handled here :

On login with the vendor account you can manage the your account and its details via vendor board :

Add and manage the products and its details at product option:

1. Add products :

2. Manage products :

Can view the sales details at sales history option:

Can view the payment received and transaction related details at payment received option:

Can view the wallet amount details at wallet statements option:

Once again, thank you so much for purchasing Themeportal. I'd be glad to help you if you have any questions relating to this please contact at support. No guarantees, but I'll do my best to assist. If you have a more general question relating to the framework on, you might consider visiting the forums and asking your question in the "Item Discussion" section.

Kamlesh Yadav.

Support Email: